Working with busy, successful executives is one of my specialties. With Executive Coaching, the work is structured around identifying goals and then monitoring the process along the way in a manner that’s illuminating and motivating. This work may be done at your workplace or my office. Common reasons for seeking executive coaching are to enhance organizational effectiveness, interpersonal skills, communication, time management, emotional intelligence, and teamwork capacity, as well as to identify blind spots, gain a valuable sounding board, or simply clarify your professional vision.

Life Coaching services are also available for those seeking a more structured, practical approach to change. Here, there's less emphasis on exploration of the past and more on goal-setting in the present. Sessions are one hour in length and done over the phone. The work follows a structured, but inspiring process, beginning with the establishment of specific goals and then centering on the realization of those goals. Sessions are typically done weekly, but can vary. 

People come to coaching for help with: career & job issues, relationship problems, health concerns, or for any area where they feel stuck and are looking to get out of their own way.

Insurance companies do not cover coaching; hence, insurance is not accepted.

Sometimes we all need an encouraging voice in our corner to hold us accountable to the changes we’re looking to make.


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